ArtisanX3d are based in the South West of England, we specialise in 3d scanning, 3d print preparation and the processing of 3d models for web visualisation.

We cater for the needs of sculptors, craftspeople and curators who want a pain free way to digitise and repurpose conventional assets, allowing them to diversify and get the most out of emerging technologies.
We've recently worked with west country sculptor Luke Shepherd to digitise part of his collection with the intention of producing high quality bronzes from scaled 3D prints using the 'lost PLA' process.(For more information see 3d Printing.)

Interactive 3d Gallery

Showcasing a small selection of items we 3d scanned, modelled and prepared for display on the web either as video turntables from the scans, (where IP is a potential issue) or using a variety of experimental open source tools for the display of 3d graphics on the web as well as commercial applications like Sketchfab;
left click on the thumbnails, the model will then load, left click and drag with the mouse to rotate the 3d models.
Highly experimental at the moment and not guaranteed to be 100% on some smartphones. Best viewed using the following browsers; Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 11+


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